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Gabhran and Spider

A New Year

Wow…I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t posted anything since October last year! I blame it partially on getting two retail jobs in November (which I didn’t want) because I’d burned through all my savings, thanks to student loans. At least one of the two jobs isn’t cashiering anymore, but rather cash office. Anyway, since I’ve […]

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Randomly, cookies

I always make cookies for my schools the last day before vacation. This time I figured oh why don’t I decorate them? But, I am not really good at that. That was nowhere near what I wanted them to look like, so I was very glad that that was my test batch. I might try

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Randomly, there`s this thing that`s popped up the last couple of years called Inktober. It`s basically a challenge to draw a picture every day in October. Since I do want to get better at drawing, I figured, why not? So here are my first seven days of drawings: Day 1: I drew this picture on

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