Brown Sugar Banana Muffins

The other day, I realized that I had to overripe bananas, and I still had two bananas in the freezer from last summer. So, I knew the easiest thing to do so that the food wouldn’t go to waste, is to make banana muffins. I waited for the weekend, and then Google searched a recipe. I came across this one:

It was all for the better that they used brown sugar, because it turned out that I did not have any white sugar left.

I use paper cup liners, because I quickly realized that this would make way more muffins than the 12 that I can do. (I only have 2 muffin pans of 6 each, and only one fits in the toaster oven at a time.)

That brings me to an odd fact about Japan. If you are looking for muffin tin liners, in Japan, be very, very careful and read the back of the package. An awful lot of those muffin tin liners are not meant to be put in ovens or toaster ovens. What are they used for if not for cooking? You might ask. The other liners that look like they are muffin tin liners, are used for Bento boxes (packed lunches) in order to neatly separate the food.

Another tip, is that because this recipe was meant for an actual oven, and I only have a toaster oven, at the actual time the recipe says they should be done make sure you double check to see that they’ve cooked all the way through. I tend to use a piece of spaghetti. It works. ? Just make sure it’s completely clean when you pull it out of the muffin and you’re good. I’m a little paranoid, so I usually test about three muffins.

Oh, and be careful you’re putting enough batter per muffin. I ended up with a full muffin tin, and what looked like just enough batter for one more muffin. ?

All told, the recipe made 32 muffins. Not bad for 3 bananas. ? And even better, 2 muffins is only 163 calories!! (According to myfitnesspal) ?

And, muffins are freezable. So I don’t have to risk not being able to eat them all.

This recipe is definitely worth a try. Although next time I think I’ll add a little extra cinnamon.