Gabhran and Spider

A New Year

Wow…I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t posted anything since October last year!
I blame it partially on getting two retail jobs in November (which I didn’t want) because I’d burned through all my savings, thanks to student loans. At least one of the two jobs isn’t cashiering anymore, but rather cash office.

Anyway, since I’ve been forced back into retail, I’ve also come to realize…I honestly have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. Well, other than that I want to finish one of my stories and eventually get it published. (It’s over two hundred pages now, and is super close to being done!) And I want to go back to Japan. And Spain. And visit all the other countries on my list. 😛

I think, if I could, I want to start my own business. I’m still looking into that precious plastic thing… making stuff out of recycled plastic seems an ideal way to run a business while not contributing with ‘new’ plastic trash.

As I mentioned before, actually building a machine myself seems pricey, and also requires tools I don’t have, so it would be easier to buy one.
And precious plastic now seems to be offering starter kits to help people, so I’m going to look into those. Although I think the starter kits are only bundles of information, and not actual tools…

Although my funds are low anyway because retail pays minimum wage and that’s it; also because I’m going to go with my mom and sisters to England this summer. From a financial standpoint, I probably shouldn’t. But from every other standpoint I can think of, I should. Even if I get more chances in the future to go to England again later, I don’t know if there’d ever be another chance to go with my mom and sisters. And missing out on experiences is something I don’t want to do.

So I guess… goals for the new year.
Lose Weight (that one’s been on the list for years)
Finish my book (also been a few years… ^^;; )
Start a business
Save money
Decide what to do in life
Spend time with loved ones
Take more doll pictures/ write more stories
Knit and crochet a little more
Work on Corellian Second Degree
Make a dent in the debt I owe

I think that covers the most important points. So here’s to a new year 2020, where we will hopefully get a president that isn’t completely incompetent. And maybe I can actually accomplish a few things on my list. ^.^

Oh, and the featured image is of Gabhran holding a bead spider I got from the Temple of Arcere, a Corellian Temple which I’m a member of online. I’ve been a member of the group for over five years by now, actually…