Gabhran and Spider

A New Year

Wow…I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t posted anything since October last year! I blame it partially on getting two retail jobs in November (which I didn’t want) because I’d burned through all my savings, thanks to student loans. At least one of the two jobs isn’t cashiering anymore, but rather cash office. Anyway, since I’ve […]

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What is magick?

“What is magick?” It`s a question that has no easy answer, especially since the exact definition changes depending on who is answering that question. If you check your Funk and Wagnalls, (or any other dictionary if you’ve never seen Laugh In) it gives four possible definitions:  n.  sleight of hand  av.  magically  aj.  of the

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Not a Wiccan holiday, I know. Easter is a Christian holiday. However, I`ve always liked the fun involved, and this time of year, (in the United States, anyway) you can`t really avoid it. In Japan, there`s very little to nothing having to do with Easter, which I found slightly disappointing, though I will admit that

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