The world is on fire, and I still have student loans

And unfortunately, that “on fire” part is literal. The west coast of America is burning up due to climate change that people in charge are still saying is a hoax. More and more these days, it’s easy to see the blatant corruption in America. And while some people are protesting, the government is using/planning to

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Two Weeks Vacation

In the end, I couldn’t find a job in Japan…and you know, leaving Minamisoma was a bit harder than I’d thought that it would be. Going back to the US for vacation was a very different feeling than knowing that all of my belongings were in three suitcases I had with me and 14 boxes

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Leaving Japan

I had never planned to. That is, I had come to Japan three years ago on the JET programme, intending to find something after the program that would allow me to remain in Japan at least part time for at least a few more years, if not forever. Yet despite 27 job applications, 3 skype/phone

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