Randomly, cookies

I always make cookies for my schools the last day before vacation. This time I figured oh why don’t I decorate them? But, I am not really good at that. That was nowhere near what I wanted them to look like, so I was very glad that that was my test batch. I might try

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Chicken Parm Casserole

Sorry the post this week is late! I found this recipe on pinterest, so this website: I started out fine, here were my ingredients all together in the slow cooker: After 8 hours on low, mix in the spaghetti. The chicken sorta naturally comes apart, but if you want it in really small pieces, you

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Slow cooker bread

I got a slow cooker! I got this one, mostly because on Amazon Japan it was the least expensive: TWINBIRD Kotokoto simmer (Slow Cooked) slow cooker EP-4717BR Brown And I decided that to test it out, I should try to make bread. I followed the recipe from this site: Slow Cooker Bread I had to mix

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I made muffins this morning. And while the cleaning up after part I`ve never liked, while cooking, I always feel somewhat peaceful. It`s the same theory as arts and crafts. Something that is sort of routine, where you don`t have to concentrate on anything other than what you`re doing. Today`s banana chocolate chip muffin recipe

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