And once again, I forgot I had a blog

It seems to happen a lot. It`s actually not so much that I forgot that I had the blog, but more that I tend to write out a script in my head, and then forget to actually type it up on the computer. Since I already “wrote” it, why do I need to write it again? That`s what I end up thinking. Although I suppose once a month or so isn`t completely horrible for remembering to physically write something. xD

So, my current job ends July 31st. The closer it gets, the more I find that I really don`t want it to end. I don`t want to leave here…I don`t want to leave Japan. I mean, I would love to see family and friends back home, but at the same time, I don`t want to leave. Despite having been here three years, I find that I am still very much torn between the place I love and a culture I love vs. the people I love. There`s no proper way to compare the two, is one reason that I think it`s so hard.
Anyway, because my job is coming to a close, I`ve been job searching. In Japan first, since if I can`t find something in Japan I have no choice but to return to America. To date, I have applied for 27 jobs. Of those 27, I`ve only gotten 4 interviews, 3 of which were by phone. So despite everyone saying that there`s a big call for native English speakers in Japan to teach, it still is not easy to find a job. I have part 2 of an interview coming up this next Monday…we shall see how it goes.

Either way, I have to be out of my apartment by July 31st, so I started to pack. A little. And by a little, I mean I have three cardboard boxes sitting in my living room. One has only craft stuff, (and the box is full, by the way…there is a slight possibility that I own too much craft stuff), one has winter stuff and stuffed animals I want to keep no matter what, and the last has stuff that I will only keep if I stay in Japan. And I`ve realized–I`m pretty bad at packing. ^^;;;

Dolls and books will get packed last, so they have less chance to actually be damaged while sitting in boxes. I feel like there`s other stuff that I can pack in the meantime, but it`s actually a little hard figuring out what I will and won`t need between now and the end of July. Despite the annoyance, I`m probably best off packing absolutely everything that is not a necessity and living on bare bones for a month.