Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

Gabhran and Spider

A New Year

Wow…I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t posted anything since October last year! I blame it partially on getting two retail jobs in November (which I didn’t want) because I’d burned through all my savings, thanks to student loans. At least one of the two jobs isn’t cashiering anymore, but rather cash office. Anyway, since I’ve […]

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The truth about Fukushima

Living in Fukushima Prefecture, I have found that when I tell someone that that`s where I live, I get a response along the lines of “But isn`t Japan radioactive?” Mostly from foreigners, but occasionally from Japanese people, if I meet them outside the prefecture, there`s the misconception, “Isn`t Fukushima radioactive?” In a quick answer: Fukushima

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So last Sunday, a bunch of the English speakers in the area (mostly ALTs) got together for a barbecue. The park that was picked was an hour south…and to get there, you had to drive through the exclusion zone. You`re allowed to drive through the exclusion zone at this point, but there are signs at

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May finances update and beginning of a No Spend Month

So first let me talk about the no spend month. I`ve tried them before, but never succeeded, as I tended to give up halfway through for one reason or another. But because I got Arete and the rescue doll, (and clothes for Arete), there was an enkai for work, and a couple of times going

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