Arts and Crafts

Plastic Yarn 

Another recycling craft! Something I`ve heard a lot about recently is “Plarn” aka Plastic Yarn. As I`m always up for recycling crafts, I decided to give it a try. Making the plastic bags into plastic yarn was easy enough. First, fold the bag over neatly, making sure it stays flat. Cut off the bottom edge, […]

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Recycling Receipts

I know, I know, I`ve been promising this post for a while. This is the current recycling craft I`m working on, and it mainly uses old receipts. I always feel bad tossing receipts–what a waste of paper! But really, what can you do with them after the month`s over? Between searching for ideas online, and my

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Slow cooker bread

I got a slow cooker! I got this one, mostly because on Amazon Japan it was the least expensive: TWINBIRD Kotokoto simmer (Slow Cooked) slow cooker EP-4717BR Brown And I decided that to test it out, I should try to make bread. I followed the recipe from this site: Slow Cooker Bread I had to mix

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I made muffins this morning. And while the cleaning up after part I`ve never liked, while cooking, I always feel somewhat peaceful. It`s the same theory as arts and crafts. Something that is sort of routine, where you don`t have to concentrate on anything other than what you`re doing. Today`s banana chocolate chip muffin recipe

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This blog

I was so bound and determined that this blog would be solely about magick. I mean, according to my title, that`s what you`d expect, coming to visit, right? But looking back and seeing that I only have two posts so far, despite having started about a month ago, I realized that might not be very

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