Pre-Packaged Foods

It’s hard sometimes, to find things that you don’t have to make from scratch, considering that’s the only 100% guaranteed way to make sure that a food is allergen free. But that takes time, and some days there just isn’t that time. So this is a list of foods I’ve found that are fine for me, with my wheat allergy. Many of these foods are gluten free. But please remember to check the packaging for yourself, since you never know when a company changes their ingredients. 

Breads (Alphabetically)

Udi's Gluten Free Delicious Whole Grain Sandwich Bread

I admit I haven't actually tried this in full yet, because braces, but it's been perfect to (cut the crust off) put butter and garlic salt on and tear into tiny pieces that make it easier to eat. The taste is decent and I'm looking forward to using it for peanut butter sandwiches.


Frozen Foods (Alphabetically)

Udi's Gluten Free Lasagna with Meat Sauce

I had read the reviews ahead of time, and seen that many said this was rather soupy. Which, since I just got braces, I thought would be perfect! So I grabbed one to try. I thought it was pretty good. The sauce had a slightly odd taste, perhaps because they decided to put cream cheese in it? But overall I liked it and will probably buy it again even when I don't need soupy foods. What I also liked was that there's microwave instructions that only take about 30 minutes rather than the hour and a half cooking it in the oven would take. I wonder if that makes a difference on the soupiness?

Price: $10.99 @ Target