Random Thoughts–Kotatsu

I`ve decided that Fridays are random thought days. Random thoughts happen every day of the week, of course, but there`s something about knowing you have the next two days off to make the random thoughts stand out all the more somehow. 😛

Random Thoughts kotatsu

Do you know what a kotatsu is? It`s a table, originating in Japan, that comes in varying sizes, and there is a heater attached to the underside. Jisho.org describes it as: “kotatsu; table over an electric heater (orig. a charcoal brazier in a floor well) with a hanging quilt that retains heat”
It is awesome because then your feet and legs stay warm. And when your feet are warm, eventually the rest of you warms up somewhat too. My kotatsu even has a heat setting, so that if it`s not warm enough, I can up the heat. I usually leave it around the middle though, since I don`t want to accidentally burn myself! (If that`s even possible. I assume it is, since heat).

No idea why these never caught on outside of Japan. If I ever leave Japan for good, I am going to do my best to bring one home with me. ^_~