Randomly, there`s this thing that`s popped up the last couple of years called Inktober. It`s basically a challenge to draw a picture every day in October. Since I do want to get better at drawing, I figured, why not?
So here are my first seven days of drawings:

face of a stranger

Day 1:

I drew this picture on the computer. I couldn`t get the song “Face of a Stranger” by Stephen Schwartz out of my head, so I drew this picture based on that. And yes, I did listen to the song while drawing. 🙂


Day 2 & 3

I drew each one on a half sheet of paper. Mostly because I only remembered last minute that I meant to draw a picture every day and hurried so that I didn`t fall behind.


Day 4

I drew this for the English Board at school. The theme on the board is Halloween for the month, and how can you have a proper Halloween without Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch?

Luffy my version

Day 6

I drew this on the computer. Finally figured out where the color paintbucket to fill in a huge area was. This is a character from a comic that I like. The comic is up to 886 chapters, and I`ve read them all so far. ^_^


Day 7

Just a random picture, also done on the computer. No particular reason. Her headband says “Do your best!” and “Fight!”


I figure I`ll try to post the pictures weekly. ^^