Life and a Plastic Project

So… just realized that I have apparently not written even once since leaving Japan. As far as I can tell, anyway…the layout to the website is more confusing than I originally thought, so I’ll probably change it again.

But anyway, if I haven’t written since August… long story short. I’ve been super depressed, more than half my boxes arrived crushed and items missing from boxes total 29 books (most of which were in Japanese and out of print and thus hard to find even in Japan) as well as 12 dvds. Also a little stuffed animal or two that I don’t remember seeing anywhere else. So that totally did not make me any less depressed. So many books lost…and the few that made it here were practically destroyed. T-T
Those books were in like new condition when I shipped them, to make it worse. There were only three or four that visibly looked used, and none were as bad as the books that actually made it.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but that box that the books are in that looks empty? That box wasn’t the box I’d shipped. They had tossed my stuff into a new box. And on top of that, no note or anything saying where it had happened! I cried when I opened that box.

As for jobs, I’ve been applying to stuff all over the place, and nothing. Finally got one call for an interview, and it was for the retail place I worked at three years ago. I super super did not want to go back into retail, but if nothing else is even calling back, do I have a choice? It doesn’t really seem like it, since I’m almost all the way through my savings, which wasn’t that big to begin with.

So yeah. That’s the long story short for the update. There’s other stuff going on (have to decide whether to kick my brother out of my old room and take it back until summer when he needs a ground floor room for surgery recovery; or just move into the room upstairs without half of my belongings that are still here), but those were the main points.

The plastic project… I found a website called precious plastic, and it talked about how to make your own plastic shredder, injection molder and compression oven. But everywhere I’ve looked, getting the parts for the shredder is a little pricey, and even people on the site say it’s easier to just buy one already made. Problem being that they’re like a thousand bucks, which I don’t have at the moment.
So I’ll start with something else. Plastic bags. I’m going to crochet a bunch of old plastic bags into a tote to hold the plastic I want to shred. It’s going to take more than I thought. I only have two bags crocheted so far, and it makes a rather small circle.