Dec. 16 and 17, 2018

I didn`t get any of my pictures from winter vacation posted yet, so I am going to go back and try to get at least some of them up. Starting with the doll photos from before I even left Japan!
On Dec. 16th I went to a big event called a Doll Party (I`ve been to a couple before). At lunch took a break and went to meet a new friend (who also collects dolls but was not going to Dolpa) but other than that I stayed there the whole day.
Rhi was the doll who came with me. ^^

The new dolls were from a manga called The Rose of Versailles. The dolls were gorgeous, and I was tempted by the boy a little…but at over a thousand dollars per doll, I doubt either will ever make it into my collection. As always, there were lots of gorgeous dolls, between what Volks themselves had displayed and the dealers market displays.
This time, Volks even had a timeline and had most of the dolls (or maybe it was all?) that they have ever released! That was pretty neat to see.

That wasn`t all the doll stuff for the weekend though! (Well, Sunday and Monday) The next day I went to the Smartdoll store in Gotanda. Found a doll I sort of want there, (the dark skin girl with the odd eyes) but she`s not available for sale yet… and I said I only need one vinyl doll. We shall have to see if I can manage to stick to that ^^;;

A couple more pictures from the rest of the day on the 17th, and that`s it for now. ^^
The gingerbread milkshake in the pictures was super good by the way.