May finances update and beginning of a No Spend Month

So first let me talk about the no spend month. I`ve tried them before, but never succeeded, as I tended to give up halfway through for one reason or another. But because I got Arete and the rescue doll, (and clothes for Arete), there was an enkai for work, and a couple of times going out with the other ALTs…and just buying stuff in general…because of all that, I was waaaay over my April-May budget. (¥100,000 over to be exact). And that actually doesn’t count the Arete, because I had budgeted enough to buy her! Where did the money go??? 

Conclusion: I need to attempt a no spend month, to try and make up for last month, and really watch what I spend from now on. I have been writing it down, but not always immediately, and I think that that’s part of the problem. Soo month goal is to write down expenses immediately.

Anyway, onto loan repayment…I hit a milestone!!! ? ? 

My entire debt is (barely)  under $100,000!!! that means that although slowly, I am starting to chip away at it. It’s nice to see some improvement after like 5 years of paying loans and having an over a hundred thousand dollar debt the whole time. It means too,that as hard as this is, it is doable, so long as you make a living wage with a little extra. 
May Debt Totals: 

My substafford loan: $1561.39

My advantage loan: $6916.74

My discover loan: $7827.79

My consolidation loan: $39,083.88

Dad’s consolidation loan: $44,443.72

My discover card: $6.72

My amazon card: $110.00
You may be wondering why my discovercard always has a weird amount on it… That’s what my american phone costs. I have one of Republic Wireless’s phones from like 3 years ago, so I’m grandfathered into their old pricing plans so long as I have this phone…and that $6.72 means that the phone works over wifi as a regular american cell phone. Which means the 12 or so hours I spend on the phone with my parents a month is covered by that amount alone. Awesome, isn’t it? 

Oh, and the reason for the balance on my amazon card was renewing my passport. I had decided to renew it early so I wouldn’t have to worry about it next year when I’ll be busy worrying about finding a new job and trying to stay in Japan. Because I’m pretty sure that I want to stay. Despite how much I miss everyone. 

May 2018 Total Debt: $99,950.24