Everyday life and school lunch pictures

It`s occurred to me recently that the whole reason that I started this blog was to find ways to keep magic in everyday life. And then when the other blog became intertwined with this one due to lack of photo space, I think I lost sight of that a little.

And it`s not that I don`t find or use magic in everyday life. It`s more that I note it in passing and forget. Because there is a lot to note and see. I wish I`d taken pictures of the neighbor`s flowers in the rain this morning; they looked really neat and reminded me to take a breath and not rush even though I was later than usual. (I wasn`t late though)

Although what I did accomplish recently magicwise (can`t remember if I mentioned yet or not) was that I finished all the requirements to earn my First Degree in Correllian Wicca. All I have left to do is put in the application for it, and the money for the application. Because yes, they charge money. To have any official degree in Correllian Wicca, they even insist on doing a background check!

I`ve had so many background checks done before that that doesn`t bother me at all. The money, a little. But I can understand it. Christian churches, for example, send a plate around to collect money at services, don`t they? So by registering officially, the money is going to the `church`, in this case the base of Correllian Wicca. I think they use the money for things like website maintenance. They do have three separate websites, after all. There`s one with general information about the Correllian Tradition, there`s the school website, and they have a social website.

And websites are surprisingly expensive. Mine is fine for another year on the startup package I bought a couple years back which was like $30, but after that, they`re going to want almost $200 a year, just for hosting a small simple website like mine. I own the domain name, so even if I didn`t pay that the website is still mine; the issue would be figuring out how to access and add things to it. Anyway, point is that if my small website costs that much to host, I can only imagine what the big websites Correllian Wicca has cost.

Other than that, for today I have pictures of school lunches. ^_^ I happen to like how Japanese school lunches are set out, and most of them taste pretty good too. There`s almost always too much food, since soup is there on top of whatever else is, most of the time.

There was one day that I forgot to bring lunch, and it turned out it was a bentou (brown bag lunch) day. So I ordered food from a place that some of the other teachers were and ended up with curry. Chicken Katsu Curry. No idea what the white and yellow thing was. It didn`t taste like eggs or mashed potatoes, and I didn`t end up eating it.

And for a random last picture, when I was in the library the other day (I found the Cat in the Hat and Hop on Pop books to read to my elementary schoolers) I also found a pop-up picture book that was just sitting there, open.

I had Rhi with me that day, and I`m always looking for doll photo opportunities! Too bad I can`t find a way to earn money with all the doll photos. 😛