Day trip

I just realized how bad I`ve been about keeping up a blog. ^^;; Well, I never did say it was my strong point. I have the bad habit of writing entries in my head then forgetting to actually put them down…

Anyway, I wanted to share a few more pictures from my day trip yesterday, that I didn`t post on instagram.

Yesterday, I went out with Mrs. I, the mom of one of my students. (We meet for coffee sometimes, and the conversations are always fun. And she`s super nice too.) She had said that Sunday, she`d be going to Fukushima city with a couple of her friends, and did I want to come? I said sure.

One friend cancelled, so only three of us went, Mrs. I, her friend Mrs. K, and me. First stop was a random ice cream place. I got caramel ice cream, and it was pretty good. I need to figure out where it was so that I can go back and try the other flavors.

After that, we continued on until we got to the city itself. And there, we went to a restaurant that had huuuuge servings of gyoza! There were 22 pieces for each plate…and while that`s around 930 calories, gyoza is totally worth it. (Gyoza is similar to potstickers). And you lucked out in pictures, because the two I was with both liked taking pictures, so I`m actually in a couple. 😉

A quick run by a store to see what they had for capsule machines (Japan has like a million of those machines), and then we went to a footbath place. It had a lot of history to it, we learned, and looked around a bit before actually sitting down. The water was hot, same as if we`d gone to a hotsprings.

Then we ran by the bookstore, since there isn`t one that big near us. I didn`t find the book I`d been specificially looking for, but I found 6 others that were on my list! And even better, I found a giftcard in my wallet I`d forgotten about, so they didn`t even cost anything! We ran into one more store, and there I found a dvd by the same author, and since it was used and marked down from it`s original $95 down to $10, I couldn`t resist.


And that was it. Not a whole lot, but it was fun hanging out with people, and a good chance to practice more of my Japanese, which is still pretty bad. I think I`ve figured out that since I learned a lot of my English by reading, I need to step up and start reading more Japanese. Then I can mispronounce that too, but it`ll all be in my head and better than it currently is. ^_^