Last Minute Holiday Shopping 2021

It’s getting towards the end of another year. Covid is still rampant, numbers are climbing again with the new variants… and now partially because of the pandemic there are also shipping delays! That means that for those of us who don’t remember to shop early, when we want to give gifts, our options are now a bit more limited. Which is a pity, because the internet holds a lot of interesting gifts to buy for others.

I’ve been reading other blogs’ articles on good Christmas gifts to buy this year. (Obviously, you could also use said gifts for whatever holiday you celebrate, but most people make it a Christmas list because that’s what people expect this time of year). And one thing I’ve noticed…an awful lot of those ‘good’ gifts are over $30. There have also been lists where the items on the list range from $50 to over $200! And while that’s fine in and of itself, I’m also wondering just who these lists are meant for. And I will also be referring to Christmas a lot, even though I really mean whatever holiday you celebrate–I celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, but since Hanukkah was early this year, I’m only looking for Christmas gifts!

I only just got myself a full time job, and in figuring that my Christmas list has about 24 people on it, and that’s if I don’t include all my siblings (we pulled names in my household so between the six people living at home we only had to get one gift each. But come on, I have to get at least a little something for my parents too–they did do the hardwork of raising me into an adult after all). I can even make the list smaller if I guiltily give couple gifts–then I’d have 15 on the list. Not to sound like a grinch, but that’s a lot of people! And even if I only spent a reasonable $10-$15 per person, (which is my plan) I’m up to $240-$360 spent on the season. Which is not an insignificant amount of money.

That’s one reason I make my gifts when I can. Another reason is that if I followed the gift guides where the lowest priced gift seems to hover around $30, that would make a grand total of $720! And that makes me wonder…do we really need to spend that much on each other for the holiday season? Gifts, as in their title, should be gifts–something freely given, not an obligation. And yet, at the holidays, it very much feels like an obligation. Which yes, I understand, we’ve driven ourselves to take on, and I’m on board because I feel guilty if I don’t give gifts. So seeing all the posts about more expensive gifts, I thought I’d make my own list. And this one will include mostly gifts under $15, with a few exceptions if I find something really cool worth more than that. In fact, let’s make this a list of 15 gifts $15 or under, and the more expensive ones are a bonus. ^_^

I will say ahead of time that none of these (except the things I made xD ) are sponsored in any way, and are just my opinions on what might make good gifts. Hopefully time allows and you can still order these in time for Christmas, but I obviously am not affiliated with anything except my own products and cannot guarantee that. I will also be avoiding amazon where possible, though to get things to you in time for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate if it hasn’t already passed, you may have to use them. Please note prices are before tax and shipping as far as I know. All images are copyright their respective websites and owners and used only for list purposes to show them off.

15 Gifts for 2021 that are $15 or less

1. But First Coffee Stickers
But First Coffee II | Etsy

But First Coffee II image 1

For the coffee lover…when in doubt about what to get someone, or if you’re sending a card that you want to put a little something more into, why not stickers? Or even coffee stickers in addition to a coffee gift card…Studioblissco on etsy has adorable coffee stickers as well as tons of stickers for planners and journals.

I bought this product.

2. Pokemon Card Notebook
Pokémon Card Notebook/pocketbook. Ideal for Gift Stocking | Etsy

Pokémon card notebook/pocketbook. Ideal for gift stocking image 1

As someone who collects Pokemon cards myself, albeit on a small basis, I’m of mixed mind about these. On the other hand, these notebooks are adorable and it’s way better to upcycle than throw them in the trash! And too, this way someone can always show off their love of Pokemon.

I bought this product.

3. Believe Mask
Believe Mask – Arts and Witchcrafts

Since masks are still a part of life (and likely will be for the entire forseeable future), why not get a holiday themed one? If you worry that cotton isn’t enough protection, simply place it over a paper mask! Other designs available on request.

This is my product.

4. Disney (Baby Yoda or Mickey) Pancake Skillet
Mickey Mouse Holiday Pancake Skillet Set – 4.2oz : Target

Ok, this may be a little complicated to use (the directions say you have to have a second heated skillet available to flip the pancake on to), and it’s not vegan (which matters to me because one of my giftees is), but this pan is absolutely adorable. I came across it on another holiday shopping list somewhere. An easy advantage is that if it’s still available at your local store, you can walk in and buy it and not worry about shipping times!

I bought this product.

5. Acrylic Anime Keychain Mo Dao Zu Shi
2pcs Acrylic Anime Key Chain Mo Dao Zu Shi Lan WangJi Wei WuXian Bag Accessories | eBay

Image 2 - 2pcs Acrylic Anime Key Chain Mo Dao Zu Shi Lan WangJi Wei WuXian Bag Accessories

This one is a bit more specific…I have friends and siblings who are very into the book/anime/manhua/show Mo Dao Zu Shi or The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. So I went looking for small things from the fandom, and one of the things that came up were these keychains! They’re so cute I may try to keep one. xD
This will, by shipping estimate, NOT arrive in time for Christmas. But if anyone has a birthday coming up…

I bought this product.

6. Peppermint Sugar Cookie Hand Sanitzer
Peppermint Sugar Cookie PocketBac Hand Sanitizers, 5-Pack | Bath & Body Works (
$8.00 (5 pack)

Peppermint Sugar Cookie PocketBac Hand Sanitizers, 5-Pack

With pandemic, and even without, having hand sanitizer nearby isn’t a bad idea. It’s a good holdover until you can get to soap and water, and for those times you can’t. Why not get fun holiday flavors? Well…not flavors, since it’s not something you eat, but I’m not sure what else to call it!

I am planning to buy this product.

7. Tote Bag with Design
Caffeine and Cuss words – Arts and Witchcrafts

The text on this bag can be customized to suit a variety of people and their interests. Words only are the $8.99, if adding a picture the price goes up a little. Contact me for a custom tote!
Or order this premade one…how many people do you know that run on caffeine, chaos and cuss words? I know many!

This is my product.

8. Iota Tiny Game Iota The Great Big Game in The Teeny-Weeny Tin : Toys & Games

I know, I know, it’s Amazon. I mention this below as well but for Amazon, you can mitigate using amazon a little by using Amazon Smile, which makes a donation to a charity of your choice with your purchase. (A super small percentage, of course, but anything is better than nothing). But this game just looked fun. Also, tiny game? That means portable!

I bought this product.

9. Mini Panattone
Chiostro di Saronno Mini Panettone with Raisins and Candied Fruits in Luxury Tin, 3.5 oz (100 g) | Yummy Bazaar

Chiostro di Saronno Mini Panettone with Raisins and Candied Fruits in Luxury Tin, 3.5 oz (100 g)

This is actually only an example of what this website has. Their prices are all over the place, partially because their foods are from all over the place! They have items from other countries, some in nice giftable tins and some in giftable boxes. Considering that they would have had to pay import prices to the US, I feel that their prices are usually pretty reasonable.
Their website says that depending on where you are shipping is up to 5 days…however that doesn’t include processing time. Both times I’ve ordered from yummy bazaar before, my items have come exactly 7 days after I placed the order.

I haven’t bought this product exactly, but I’ve ordered from this website.

10. Strawberry Milk Cow Pin
(1) Strawberry Milk Cow Pin – Pwuffy

Have a strawberry lover in your life? They might need this pin!
I actually originally found Pwuffy on etsy; however she had enough amazing stickers, pins and other things that she soon moved to her own website! Her stickers are really nice quality.
On her website she says to order by December 10th in order to get your order shipped by Christmas.

I have bought stickers from this seller before.

11. Puffin Beverage Jacket
Puffin Beverage Jacket | REI Co-op

Product Image of color Cider/teal

Isn’t this just adorable? Of course your can of soda or beer needs its own little jacket for the winter! And even more, it would make a great gift. According to REI’s website, you can either pick up in store or order by 12/17 to get this in time for Christmas.

12. Dumpling Light
Night Light for Kids, Dumpling Light Silicone Nursery Cute Lamp, Battery Powered LED Nightlight with 7-Color for Baby Teen Girls and Boys Bedrooms, Birthday Gift – –

Yeah, yeah, this one is amazon. I’m sure you can find other versions other places, but this is the one I ended up buying, to make sure it would get here in time. You can mitigate amazon a little by using Amazon Smile, which makes a donation to a charity of your choice with your purchase. (A super small percentage, of course, but anything is better than nothing). Amazon aside, the light is cute.

I bought this product.

13. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
100 Movies Scratch Off Poster | Movie Scratch Off Poster | Uncommon Goods

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

I kind of want one of these myself…but since I’m super picky about movies I like, I’m afraid that some of them would be immediate ‘nope’s to me. But if you need a gift for someone who likes all kinds of movies, this would be kind of cool!
Uncommon Goods website only says that economy shipping should be up to 9 days but that there are more expensive faster options available.

14. Reversible Axolotl Plushie
TeeTurtle Reversible Axolotl Plushie | Home of the Original Reversible Octopus Plushie
$15.00 (on sale for $12 till Dec 8)

These are adorable little plushies that have been all the rage recently. Usually I see them in octopus form, (and teeturtle does have those too) but the axolotl was too cute not to picture. Teeturtle says that processing time is 4-5 days, but doesn’t say how long shipping will take.

15. 4Ocean Beaded Bracelet
The Original 4ocean Bracelet the Cleans the Ocean – 4ocean

 The original 4ocean Clean the Ocean Signature Braided Bracelet

For the environmentally conscious person. 4Ocean has beaded and braided bracelets that start at $15 when on sale (and there’s almost always at least one that is), and $20 when full price. The environmental part? Each bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of plastic from oceans and shorelines. This company has so far removed 19,000,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean.

I haven’t bought this specific bracelet, but I have bought 4Ocean bracelets.

Bonus, Over $15 items

16. Seasonal Sips Latte Sampler
Seasonal Sips Latte Sampler – Copper Cow Coffee

This sampler from this woman led company using sustainably sourced Vietnamese coffee seems like a great gift for the coffee lover in your life. Each sampler comes with five pour over coffee packets–based on the picture, those coffee flavors are regular, vanilla, churro, peppermint and salted caramel. There is a different latte sampler as well, without the mint one, and if you choose to get a pack of five of all one flavor, the price goes down to $17. And if you get one of their tea lattes instead, the price is $15.
Personally, of the flavors I’ve tried so far, churro is my favorite. (It’s a cinnamon coffee)
Copper Cow Coffee’s website says that turnaround is 2-3 days and then 3-5 days for shipping, so plan accordingly. In less busy times, I’ve ordered coffee on a Thurday and had it by Monday.

I bought other latte products from this company.

17. Crumbl Cookies
Crumbl Cookies – Freshly Baked & Home Delivered
$22.41 (six pack)

Milk Chocolate Chip

I only just learned about these cookies when my brother brought them to Thanksgiving dinner. This company specializes in chocolate chip, but also alternates other flavors weekly or biweekly. The cookies are also big enough that they come with a cookie cutter that can cut each cookie into 4 pieces! Even if you made it a cookie a person, the price breaks down to about $3.74 a cookie. The 12 pack is $39.46, making it $3.28 a cookie. Their nutrition info is easy to find on their website, so those with allergies need not worry. (Most cookies contain milk, egg, wheat and soy, and the few with nuts are clearly labeled.)
There are 309 locations you can walk into and buy the cookies, or they offer shipping if you aren’t close enough.

I have tried these cookies and they are delicious.