Recycling Receipts

I know, I know, I`ve been promising this post for a while. This is the current recycling craft I`m working on, and it mainly uses old receipts. I always feel bad tossing receipts–what a waste of paper! But really, what can you do with them after the month`s over?

Between searching for ideas online, and my own imagination, I came up with a plan.

Do you remember how, maybe when you were a kid, you took gum wrappers and folded them into chains? Long pointless chains that sometimes you could make into bracelets? That`s what I`m doing. I read that I could make a purse out of them that way, and a black and white purse will go with practically everything.

So first, I cut the receipts down to size,


Folded them, and then linked them!


I made rows of fifty, but seeing how many receipts that took, I decided to try making a pencil case instead. Something that might not take quite so long…what I have here is already several months worth of receipts! So as you can see, I won`t be finished for another month or two.

A recycling receipt project I did finish was to make a small bowl.


The folding process is actually similar, except that you leave them long rather than folding again to make a chain link. Then you coil them up tightly and carefully raise them up so that they make a bowl. It was incredibly hard, and frustrating when it all fell apart, so I gave up after making a small bowl. I then coated it with something like

Which can also be found at craft stores. I coated the inside of the bowl three times, and the outside three times, just to be on the safe side. And make sure to let it dry between each coat!
The full tutorial was found here, on pinterest:  Recycled Bowls.

I use mine to hold earrings, so that they don`t end up lost all over the place.