This blog

I was so bound and determined that this blog would be solely about magick. I mean, according to my title, that`s what you`d expect, coming to visit, right?
But looking back and seeing that I only have two posts so far, despite having started about a month ago, I realized that might not be very realistic. After all, my life (unfortunately) is not 24/7 magick. Well, it is, and that`s the whole point of this blog, but if I only focus on the moments I know are magick, I think that defeats the purpose of trying to find magick where I can`t currently see it. So let me go over the couple of categories I can think of off the top of my head that I will also be talking about at points.

One thing in my life that I most certainly cannot see magick in at the moment is my student loan debt (and a little credit card debt too, but that`s minuscule in comparison). I figured it out last night, and, despite having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts 4 years ago, I still have a $102,000 debt. Ouch.

As the title of the site implies, I also like arts and crafts. So many different arts and crafts. Knitting, crocheting, recycle crafts, sewing, anything on pinterest that looks fun…I like creating things. And since creating something is a magick in and of itself, I was always planning to include some of that here. Currently I`m working on a crocheting project, which I`ll share in the next few days. ^_^

Part of the magick that I was going to talk about was–or rather is, angels. When I purposely do things like spells and rituals, I almost always involve angels because I feel very close to them. At some point soon, I will introduce you to my guardian angels (there`re 7 of them) and tell you ways that you can meet your guardian angels if you aren`t already in contact with them.

One thing I`ve already briefly mentioned is that I collect Asian ball-jointed dolls. My dolls come from various companies (the Japanese company Volks, the Korean companies Soom and Fairyland, for example), and have varying looks. Maybe it`s partially because they occasionally help out in my magick, but they all have names and personalities, and I swear sometimes they move when I`m not looking. I tend to make stories with them, in the form of photostories. And as I improve on this website, I`m hoping I can find a way to fit in a page for them as well.

I`m sure there are other things that I will mention as well. The world is not a small place, and there will be other things that I see that I want to share. Somehow, all of these things seem like the beginning of a long journey, but I`d like to be able to look back and see just how far I`ve come.

So once again, now that I`ve set my head on straight and know what I`m doing, please join me on my journey to find the magick in everyday life. (And if you see it where I don`t, feel free to point it out! ^_~ )