Plastic Yarn 

Another recycling craft! Something I`ve heard a lot about recently is “Plarn” aka Plastic Yarn. As I`m always up for recycling crafts, I decided to give it a try.

Making the plastic bags into plastic yarn was easy enough. First, fold the bag over neatly, making sure it stays flat.


Cut off the bottom edge, and the handles. Then cut into strips. All the tutorials I saw said one inch strips, but I`m bad at cutting exactly straight (especially on something like a plastic bag that moves as you cut it) so I estimated.


Carefully unfold, and then attach together with the same kind of knot you use to attach a charm to your cell phone.


When you have enough, make into a ball. The one pictured here has three plastic bags worth.


Now I only have to decide exactly what to make with it. I was thinking a decoration for my front door…being plastic, it would be relatively weatherproof. I`ll probably end up crocheting it, since that seems easier, but I don`t see why you couldn`t knit this plastic yarn if you wanted.