May finances update and beginning of a No Spend Month

So first let me talk about the no spend month. I`ve tried them before, but never succeeded, as I tended to give up halfway through for one reason or another. But because I got Arete and the rescue doll, (and clothes for Arete), there was an enkai for work, and a couple of times going …

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Debt Update April 2018

I`ve written about my major college debt before…it`s been on my mind more recently because I`ve been thinking that I want a master`s in education…or at least another bachelor`s that`s in education rather than spanish. The problem is, with the debt I have, I can`t see any realistic way of going back to school currently. …

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This blog

I was so bound and determined that this blog would be solely about magick. I mean, according to my title, that`s what you`d expect, coming to visit, right? But looking back and seeing that I only have two posts so far, despite having started about a month ago, I realized that might not be very …

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