Peanut Butter cookies

These are one of the absolute easiest cookies to make. I decided on cookies because the other night, my neighbors made dinner! The reason was so that I could taste whatever that spring vegetable is, but I didn`t expect them to make so much…it was enough for 2 meals!


My neighbors are  so sweet, and it really was yummy. ^_^

Growing up though, I was always taught to never return an empty container. Not sure why, exactly, except that it`s rude to, and much nicer to keep the food giving going. And cookies are easiest to make in return, and peanut butter cookies even easier than that!

There are only 3 ingredients. 4 if you add bananas for peanut butter banana cookies. I kid you not.
The ingredients are:

1 cup sugar

1 cup peanut butter

1 egg

It`s really that simple. (There are numerous pinterest recipes saying so, I double checked.)  I did read though that if you add banana, you also need to add another egg, so I think I`ll just stick with regular for now. Or better yet, make 2 batches! One of each. Too many cookies, you say? Can there be such a thing as too many cookies?

Anyway, the peanut butter I got is kinda a funny color (not dark at all) but it tastes like peanut butter, so I guess its ok. It was cheaper than the teeny jar of skippy (peanut butter is not so much a thing here).

But my first batch came out like this so I added oats, flour and baking powder 

And they still came out odd (taste more than looks) so I might have to make something else for the neighbours tomorrow…