Technology hates me, games, and other stuff

So starting with technology…nothing new there, that it hates me. The day before yesterday, my phone stopped connecting to wifi for some reason. Then I forgot to plug it in and it died. When it was charged again, it still wouldn`t connect to wifi, was telling me that it had forgotten my wifi password but wouldn`t connect even when I put the password in, so I gave up. And then the next time I picked up my phone it was connected to the wifi again. ^^;; Today though, it`s playing the `insufficient storage capacity` game, where it claims there is no room on my phone. I deleted an app and some pictures and yet somehow there`s still no room. >.> Phones really aren`t built to last much more than a couple of years, are they? T^T

I don`t really want to get a new phone though. First because I`m not sure where I`ll be come August, and wouldn`t it be silly to buy a new Japanese phone and then end up back in the US where I can`t use it? Also though because the one I have now cost about $600…and as of July, I`ll have had it for three years. $200 a year for a phone, when the phone plan is already like $700 a year is way too much. (it`s like $65 a month…for that I get unlimited texts, unlimited calls so long as they`re under 5 minutes, and data. After a certain amount of data it becomes painfully slow, but it`s still there)

I did run by the store to see if they had any suggestions on storage space, and they did help me move my pictures from the phone to the sd card. There was no easy way to do it, apparently, since now all the photos aren`t in date order 🙁 But at least there`s memory space now?

On games…I go through phases of playing games and not. I`m back into playing them at the moment. Mostly on my kindle, since I finally figured out how to put android apps on it. I like the free to play games…they can be annoying, waiting for enough energy to do something, but it`s possible.

As for other stuff…it`s trying to figure out what I want to do in August. I think I finally decided that I wanted to stay in Japan, at least another two years to end out the five that I had originally thought I would have here. But at the same time, I miss my family in America. I still say if they all moved here, my problems would be solved and I would be completely happy.

As that`s not realistic (and they already said no), I have to make a choice. Which I am super bad at. >.> Which is part of why I decided to see if I could do two more years, kinda putting off a decision. And yes, I know that nothing I decide has to be permanent. The problem is that I`m thinking a little that seeing my family once a year isn`t enough for me. But the last time when I was in America, nice as it was, I couldn`t wait to get back to Japan.

I feel a bit like James Dean`s character in Rebel Without A Cause. Even though the difference is that his problems were other people and mine are just my own brain.



But anyway. I`m not going to worry about it too much until the career fair at the end of February. I`ll see what I can find there and worry about it after that.

As for other things…have some more pictures of school lunches. 😛