I like to read. I always have, I think. And I read a lot…one of the things I like to read is graphic novels, or manga. I tend to read them on my kindle (used to be tablet, but that died over a year ago), and when I find a good line, I screenshot it. Sometimes they`re lines of advice, sometimes something I think is interesting, sometimes just life lesson type things. I tend to only keep the ones that still work when taken out of context. There aren`t a ton, because not everything is worth saving, but there`s enough that I decided to share what I`ve found so far.

If I remember what it`s from, I`ll note down the title on top of the picture. Most comics do read top to bottom, left to right, but not all of them. There are some that go different ways for whatever reason. It`s always an adventure figuring out which way to read it! I tried to remember to note which way to read, if it was more than a one bubble quote.


From one of my all time favorite manga, Minna Ai no Seine (it reads top to bottom, right to left)


From a Korean webcomic…I can`t think of the name at the moment…I think I`ve stopped reading this one. That line I`ve actually heard before, and from a different comic, but this is the clip that was saved on my kindle.


Another all time favorite! Komatta Toki Ni Wa Hoshi Wo Kike (both of the next ones)


Recognize this quote? Yup, that`s Sherlock Holmes saying it! It`s from a manga called Moriarty the Patriot.


Can`t remember the name of this one…something to do with magic.^^ (Reads left to right, top to bottom)


The next one is actually from a computer game called Chess of Blades.


This was a weird manga, but I liked that quote. (read left to right)


This one was called Ayatsuri Sakon, and was about a person who always had a puppet with him. They solved crimes together. ^^


Another Korean webcomic…


This one was from a manga called Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushi (The World is still Beautiful)


Another Korean webcomic…I think this one was from The Scholar`s Reincarnation.


The next two are from a manga I`m currently reading and can`t think of the name of >.> the character speaking both times is named Saphie. (Reads top to bottom, left to right)


The next one is from a Korean webcomic called Cheese in the Trap.


This one I just thought was funny. It`s from a comic called Moritat.


This is from a manga called Arte.


Can`t remember the name of this manga…but it was cute.


This one is also from a game, though an android app one. It`s called Guard Me, Sherlock! The speaker is Moriarty. ^^


This one I can`t remember the name of…

KIMG1483 (2)

And those are all the ones that I have for the moment! Just the random lines that caught my attention for one reason or another.