BOS–Bedtime Blessing

Especially on pinterest, there`s lots of advice on what to put into a BOS. I`ve read some of them, in an attempt to figure out which direction I`m going, as far as writing is concerned.

One of the first things I`m going to put in is the Wheel of the Year. I mean, I know it already, and know what the holidays are already, but it never hurts to have them written out with the exact dates. I`m not going to stress too much over the individual holidays yet; those I`ll add in more information on as I get to them.

For example, I`ll add in color associations for each holiday, perhaps a recipe or two that I feel is strongly associated with that holiday, decoration ideas…pretty much anything that helps make that holiday magickal.

The second thing I`ll put in right away is the Blessing I say every night before I go to sleep. It`s not one I made up…I took two different sources and smashed them together. One source was one of Silver Ravenwolf`s books, though I can`t remember which because I didn`t write it down at the time. And I have seen variations of it online, and my version is even slightly different than hers.

My second source was a book of Celtic prayers and blessings.
This one I would have used in its entirety, the Good Dreams blessing, but when I was memorizing it, I always forgot one particular couplet, and to this day, I can`t seem to remember those two lines. The funny part is that it`s those two lines that are the ones that ask for good dreams. So I guess, instead, I tend to simply ask for dreams, and a blessing.

So, the combination of prayers I say every night is:

In the still of the night

While the world around me sleeps

May the Angels smile upon me

And the Lady bring me peace

Blessings upon all whom I know

And all whom I have yet to meet

I know you will care for them

And bring them what they need.

Instill in me great harmony

In thought and word and deed.

So mote it be

On my side I me lay

Blessed Lady to you I pray

For the blessings that you set

On your people without let

Sleeping, waking, till tomorrow day be

Lord the fruit, Lady the tree

Blessed the Blossom that springs from thee.

If you`ve heard either of those before, you can tell that I edited them a little. Partly because this was what felt right, and part because I didn`t remember all of it right away, and the version I memorized was what stuck.