How to Make an Origami Crane

One craft that I can do off the top of my head is make an origami crane. I tend to find that if I`m slightly bored, I suddenly have tons of mini cranes in front of me because I made them without thinking about it too much.


I`ve always liked cranes and found them easy to fold, so I thought that I would show a simple how-to. ​Now, ordinarily, you use origami paper of varying sizes:


Origami paper usually has one side that has color, and one white side, but you can certainly make a crane with paper that is all one color!

First, if you don`t have origami paper, at least make sure that you have a square:


Fold it into a triangle:


Unfold, and fold into a triangle the other way:


Fold the triangle in half:


Bubble one side:


Then the other:


Fold into an ice cream cone:




Bubble the long way:


Now the other side:






However, occasionally, to make this into a recycle craft, I like to use candy wrappers. ^^ They look neat when they`re done, and it can easily be made into a decoration so that you`re not simply tossing the candy wrappers in the trash.