Debt Month 4

So…not too much to report since I made the mistake of losing track of expenses somewhere towards the end of the month. >.> I know I was over, at least in food, but because I stopped keeping track, I`m not really sure by how much. This month I`m going to keep better track. I have a trip to Tokyo coming up, so I`ll probably be over this month as well, but at least I`ll have kept track.

Just to clarify something…when I write down how much debt I have, it`s before I make the payments for the month. I feel like it`s better to see it that way, rather than after the month`s payment got made.

And so, this month`s breakdown:

My substafford loan $2291.10
My advantage loan $8155.23
My discover loan 1 $9175.45
My discover loan 2 $297.70
My consolidation loan $37,540.64
Dad`s consolidation loan $42,056.82
My discover card $2434.21

However…the payment I made on that smallest loan was this:


So starting next month, that loan should be completely gone! One down! Granted, I made a special larger payment this time, just to get rid of it…but according to the debt snowball, now that amount that I normally paid for that loan gets applied to the next smallest in addition to the minimum payment. And if I have extra to throw at the loan, that will go to the next one as well.

With one loan down, even though the total amount of debt hasn`t changed much, I feel like thing are finally moving. Awesome!

Total debt month 4 (before paying off that smallest loan): $101,951.37