A Distraction

I did mean to write a post today about some recycling crafts I`m currently in the middle of.

However, this morning a distraction arrived in the form of a package. Several months ago, one of my favorite webcomics had a kickstarter for book 4. (book one is on amazon!

I, of course, participated in the kickstarter. I`ve actually participated in every kickstarter since the one for book 2, although I still don`t own all the books, since you can read the story for free online starting with a brief synopsis here: Not A Villain Webcomic Synopsis

I was so excited to see all my stuff today!


And on top of that, the sweater is supposed to glow in the dark!
But it gets even better. The mug changes colors when hot!


This is the mug normally, only the main character`s profile on it. But when you add hot water…

It colors in and the dragon appears!!! I was so excited to try it that it took a moment to realize that I`d only put hot water into the mug, rather than something to actually drink. XD

“Ok, cool,” you might say. “You got stuff you liked, and that mug is pretty neat, but what does that have to do with magick? Why is this post tagged as magick?”

I tagged this post as magick because magick is all about intent. And personally, I`ve always found that I work better, stronger, more lasting magick the happier I am. Although sadness and anger draw energy of their own, it tends to result in the kind of magick that has you watching over your shoulder for karma to make its appearance.

So because I was so excited and happy to receive my kickstarter items here, I can feel the energy from that, and today has suddenly become a good day to work magick.

I`m going to keep it simple and do a home blessing, to help keep the happiness in. Traditionally for a home blessing you clean everything, then walk around and put salt in the corners. I`m going to skip most of the salt part, because I don`t want to risk bugs (do bugs eat salt? I`m actually not sure…) but I will put some across the threshold of my door, and windows.

Home Blessing:

Ingredients needed:



  • Clean your house!
  • Walk around the edges of your home, sprinkling salt, and imagining the salt as a barrier that is keeping happiness and joy in the home, and not letting negative things, like fear, anger and sadness enter. If you don`t want to sprinkle salt everywhere, concentrate on near the doors and windows.
  • Stand as close to the middle of your home as you can get, and close your eyes. Picture a bubble forming around you. Not a wispy soap bubble, but one a bit stronger. Maybe like the one Glinda rode in in the Wizard of Oz: 75th Anniversary movie–bubble like, but strong enough to support (and it doesn`t have to be pink!)
  • First have the bubble surround only yourself, and once it has, slowly expand it, first to encompass the room you`re in, then to cover the entirety of your home. As it expands, see it pushing out negative energy. When the bubble has surrounded your entire home, you can stop. If you aren`t sure where the ends of the home are, envision the bubble coming into contact with, and sitting on those salt lines you drew before.
  • Make sure to anchor the bubble…that is, connect it to the ground near the house and make sure that it is not still drawing energy from you.

And that`s a blessing. It`s always been described to me as a protective bubble around anything, and for me that`s worked well. You can forgo the salt if you wish, but it`s a good help to anyone who has never done this kind of blessing before.