Debt Month 3

So while I managed to stay under budget last month (yay!), in the 9 days since my fiscal month reset, I`ve learned something else.


I am apparently spending way more per month on food than other people I know. Despite going over last month, this month I`ve knocked it down to ¥25000 for food, which is apparently still more than others are spending. And yet, in 9 days, I`ve already managed to spend that.  And I have noticed that I tend to spend the most on food in the first few days after I get paid.

Next month (Apr 21- May 21) I`m going to try to divide food up into weekly spending. That way I don`t spend it all up front… but I also have to figure out just how much I need to spend every month. I went and price checked the grocery stores in the area for the things I buy most often, but a friend pointed out that everything I`m buying is more expensive here than back in the states. Great, but…I`ve been eating these foods for 27 years. I`m supposed to 180 my diet now???

Besides the fact that I don`t want to, there are too many foods I`d miss doing that. Granted, I probably should be changing up what I eat at least a little, since there ought to be other foods in abundance here. Something to consider…

Anyway, debt for the month was as follows:

My substafford loan $2322.47
My advantage loan $8198.85
My discover loan 1 $9191.38
My discover loan 2 $601.36
My consolidation loan $37,435.87
Dad`s consolidation loan $41,821.61
My discover card $2246.06

Total Debt month 3: $101,817.60