I`ve decided that I want to draw comics. Not of my stories–I can`t draw that well, but rather, instead of typing up my entire blog posts here. I`m a little worried I`ll get bored after a bit like I do with other hobbies, but I think it`s worth a try.
To start, I drew a self portrait, which isn`t a story, but that will have to wait till after the weekend, whether I end up writing or drawing 😛

self portrait 9.8.17

Because of deciding to draw, I may have bought a new toy in the form of an Intuos drawing tablet. (Which I used to draw the above self portrait) So I definitely can`t get bored with it till I get my money`s worth!

Drawing on the tablet takes a little getting used to…watching the screen instead of your hand while drawing. So I`ll probably play with it a bit before actually trying to draw comics. Or not. I`m not entirely sure yet ;P