How to make a Doll Bookshelf

I had forgotten that sometimes magick seems very distant. The times when life gets…well…life-y. The times when it seems hardest to find a bit of magick in everyday life.

For me, the problem at the moment is that my grandmother is dying of cancer all the way over in America, and I can`t go see her. When I left America last August, I left with the throat lodging premonition that there would be people I would never see again. My nana died a few months ago. And now my grandmother is close to…

Well. Sorry for getting so off track. Anyway, I`ve been trying to find the magick again. I tend to find magick in the quiet moments, reading a book. Or when crafting. I did just start my fourth c2c square (picture soon) and as a last minute craft the other day, I made a doll bookshelf.

So, on a cheerier topic (both my grandmothers loved to read), how to make a doll bookshelf.

For the base, I used a cookie box and a cake box. Always recycle when possible! ^_~ Any box will do though.
You will also need: hot glue, scissors, and a pen.


Step 1: Cut the cake box into strips, measuring what will fit inside your cookie box. Also cut one larger piece to glue to the bottom of the box, to help it stand upright. The box I had was small enough that I`m only going to put two shelves on it.


Step 2: Using a book that you want to go onto the shelf, measure and mark where each shelf needs to be glued. If you skip this step, you may end up with the shelves too close together to actually fit the books.



Step 3: Hot glue everything together! Remember to be careful and go quickly. Not only is hot glue hot (hence, the name), but it also dries fast.





Step 4: Wait, I can hear you cry. Where did those little books come from??? Two places, actually. One is just to keep an eye out in craft stores and dollar stores. Sometimes you get lucky.


The other is to print them! They aren`t real books that way, only the cover, but they look good enough for photos! I got the Nancy Drew printables from American Girl Ideas . The other printables I got from Resin muse, which I regret for two reasons. The first is that they are all a little blurry, and the second is that that website supports recast dolls. Recast dolls are dolls that someone OTHER THAN THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER AND OWNER OF THE DESIGN has made, and they are generally sold at a lower price than the real one. That is, someone bought a doll from a company, took it apart, then used the pieces to make a mold and make copies of it. Doing this is STEALING.  I do not support recast dolls in any way, as this is stealing from the artists and companies who created the dolls in the first place. However, I am linking to that site because that is where I got the printables, and I always cite my sources. (There are many arguments for and against recast dolls all over the internet, comparing them to `knock offs` of famous designer bag brands for example. One of the problem is that 9/10 of these dolls are sold as if they are legitimate when they are actually recast, whereas knockoff designer brand items usually have a different brand name on them. That`s why they are knockoffs. I do not and never will support recasts, but feel free to search the internet and come to your own opinion.)

Once you print them, simply cut and fold. It helps to score the lines that you`re going to fold, but isn`t completely necessary.

Step 5: Put the books on the shelf! Other than the bottom shelf, due to the angle of the photo, you can`t tell that most of those are only paper with no actual book inside of it!


Step 6: Pose a doll with her new bookshelf! ^^