How to make a mini blanket

Last weekend I went to a tiny craft fair nearby, and found some fabric that I liked. The fabric was 27cm x 27cm, and one of my dolls (Rhi) is 26cm tall. So I thought that was the perfect size to make a little blanket out of. Plus there were cute characters!

I couldn`t decide between these two patterns, at first, and originally decided to have one be the front and one be the back.


Then I rethought that, since that would make the blanket pattern very busy. And really, did I need that many characters on just one blanket? So instead I ran to the Hundred Yen Store and got some fabric that I could use as a back instead. And for this, I also needed stuffing, to make it look like a real blanket. So all told, these were my materials (plus the fabric from before, of course):


First is to flip the fabric good side to good side and sew one seam:


then sew around two more sides, and part of the third. Flip the fabric inside out, so now the good side is out and most of the seam will be inside!


Stuff it a little.


Sew up the rest of the seam! This part, I admit, I can never figure out how to do neatly, so it`s pretty obvious. I gave up and left it anyway, since if you don`t look really close you might miss the white stitches in the corner.

Then of course, is to test the blanket with the doll that it was for! Rhi liked her new blanket, and immediately went to bed. 😛