A little more on Corellianism

Today I started studying Corellian Philosophy, and I thought that some of it would help explain things for those of you who might not know exactly what Corellianism Wicca is. I admit, I didn`t attempt very much in the way of explanation the last time that I mentioned it.

The main part is that Corellian Wicca, or the Corellian Tradition, as it is sometimes called,  is the idea that inner truth is universal in nature, but expressed through many outer forms. Does that clear things up? No? Yeah, the way it`s phrased is slightly odd.

Without going any further in the lesson on Corellian Philosophy, I translate that to mean that everyone has their own truths, e.g. beliefs, and because each person is different, it can be expressed in a great variety of ways, and no two people express their beliefs exactly the same way.  And on the flipside of the same coin, no two people perceive things the exact same way either.

Another belief in Corellianism is that all paths lead to the same place. I`m not sure I entirely believe that, but it`s closer to my half belief in fate than other things I`ve seen so far.

Personally, my belief in fate is that while there are many paths, and we choose are own, there may be events on those paths that are not changeable. That is, no matter which path you choose, there are certain landmarks you will hit at some point.

All things that live have a spirit. This is both a Corellian belief, and something I`ve long believed in as well. I know where I came up with it was a little silly (when I was in middle school I went through a phase of reading nothing but vampire books) but even after the vampire mania faded, that idea stuck with me. That everything that exists has some sort of spirit. I`m sure you`ve noticed too…like how when you`re late and way hurried, all the traffic lights are red, but when you`re late and sigh and say “well it is what it is” and drive carefully, all the traffic lights are green and you end up either not late at all, or not as late as you thought you`d be.

One very important idea in both Corellian Wicca and all Wicca, is the Wiccan Rede. The Rede simply states

“An it harm none, do what ye will.”

It is exactly what it sounds like. Do whatever you like, however you like, so long as no one and nothing gets hurt in the process. This is not open to interpretation. There is no `oh, well that doesn`t matter because…` or `well, it was an accident…` it is, flat out, Do No Harm.