Imbolc is a holiday that occurs on February 2nd. Also known as St. Brigid`s Day, or Candlemas. Since it`s fast approaching, and I`m going to do an online ritual with one of my covens, I figured I`d take the time now to share what little information I know about this holiday.

On the Wheel of the Year, Imbolc is usually written as the second holiday, even though it`s technically the third (The first two being Samhain and Yule).

Imbolc is generally Feb 1 or 2 as this is the day that is almost exactly in the middle of the Winter Solstice and the Spring Solstice. It celebrates the first signs of Spring. (Rather similar to the American Groundhog Day that way).

That`s all well and good, you might think, but why is one of the names `St. Brigid`s Day`? Who is she?

Brigid is an Irish goddess from their pre-Christian days. She represented the beginning of Spring. She is also the goddess of poets, healing, and arts and crafts.

One of the magickal items that is often made on this day is a St. Brigid`s cross. (Proof that she`s connected to arts and crafts 😛 )
St. Brigid`s crosses are hung above doorways and windows and used for protection.  Traditionally they were made with long grasses, or pieces of wheat, but nowadays (just take a peek on pinterest!) you can find them made out of ribbon, pipe cleaners, paper…pretty much anything. As with all magick, the important part is the intent behind them, not what it`s made of.

I made a couple of tiny ones out of pipe cleaners, since that`s what we`re doing in the online ritual as well.

I know there`s probably more to Imbolc than that, but that`s what I see it as. A celebration of early spring, getting ready to brush away the winter blues, and starting to do so. ^_^