Werewolf box opening

He’s here!
Nice blue box
I’ve only just opened the box, and I can already smell the resin!
Lots of little packages! And they’re nicely labeled, too
The wig from the summer event…I got msd size, and am thinking I should have gotten the size that fits model delf instead. oh well.
Look how well it’s wrapped!
I love the ears!
…But…that’s the magnet? Luts doesn’t put the magnets in the dolls heads? T-T
More nicely wrapped parts!
The werewolf hands!
And look at the nails!
Werewolf feet! And apparently no s-hooks for those…
There he is! ^^

White eyelashes, and blue eyes! I don’t know what color I expected him to have, but not blue. But they are nice.
The detail is amazing…there are even veins in his hands!
…And there’s no place in the headcap for the magnets. I guess just glue them wherever? But what a pain. >.< This is the only thing I don’t like.
COA in here! Not taking a pic because the number on it, but it’s nice that it’s a card and not paper.
All dressed! But the picture is a bit dark, so…let’s try outside.
He stands all by himself, even in slight wind! Awesome.

He may yet end up with another wig, and he still needs a name, but that will wait till I get his wolf ears all set.