Ilya: I`m home!
?: Are you sure it`s ok to stay here till the dorms open?
Ilya: It`s fine
Arete: Ilya! When I heard you`d seen the Council I got worried…
Ilya: I`m fine. How was it here?
Arete: Quiet, mostly.
Arete: Oh, who`s this?
Ilya: This is…
Jori: Mattie!!!
Jori: It`s been ages! I didn`t think you`d ever come to Japan, Mattie!
Matt: Matt. It`s Matt. Aren`t you staying in the dorms?
Jori: Yup, but I came over to play. How do you know Ilya?
Matt; We met on the bus from Tokyo. Also, let go now.
Jori: Oh? What happened to your eyes?
Matt: Alchemy incident. Don`t worry about it.
Jori: Then, come meet everyone that lives here! Well, those who are here at the moment. Most of them are friendly.
Jori: Mattie, you know Ilya. Then that`s Shan, Rosaire, Connery, Rhi and Arete.
Jori: Everyone, this is my twin brother, Mattityahu Cohen. I call him Mattie.
Matt: It`s Matt. But nice to meet Jori`s friends.
Shan: …
Connery: Nice ta meet ye.
Rhi: Oooo you have the same face!
Rosaire: They are twins…though you never mentioned you had a twin, Jori!
Arete: Welcome to Japan.
Shan: Ilya, just how many people did you invite into my home?
Ilya: ? Only Matt.
Shan: Then who is near the door? It`s not Zane, Desa or Chrys.
Everyone: ?!