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Magick is everywhere. Perhaps not always easy to find, especially with a hectic modern day schedule, but it`s there.

It’s there even though thousands of people are still dying every day, and leaders of certain countries seem not to care. But magick does still exist, and the problem, sometimes, is finding it.

I may often seem like I’m doing nothing that is related with magick, but let me assure you, I am. Magick doesn’t have to be fancy or something set up in advance…it’s all about the spur of the moment little phrases and thoughts, the sighting of a cardinal on a sunny day, the complaining as the world is in peril and needs help healing.

And who am I, to be saying all that? I`m Skylance K`Dragonwing, eclectic witch. I would think I’m rather qualified to be talking about magick, as a First Degree Corellian Priestess, and a practitioner of my own brand of magick.

Join me on my journey to find the magick in every day life, and to find the ways to keep it alive throughout a busy schedule.

I`m wicked bad about remembering to post something every week, and I apologize. I do tend to post on Instagram a little more often though!