Wander No More Review

Wander No More is a game made by Unwonted Studios, and can be found on itch.io.

Price: Free, but $2 is a suggested donation

First, let me say that this was not actually a game. I assumed that it was, based on the fact that it was called one, but it is not. Rather, it`s a visual novel without choices. There is only one set storyline to follow. That said, lets take a quick look.

First point is that it is fully voiced. Major points for being fully voiced, and having several different voices.

Second point is those characters. There are two main characters, and three named side characters. While the side characters have voices, they do not have avatars like the main characters do, which was a little disappointing for how often they show up.

The characters are;

  • Kouichirou
    • main character, wandering samurai on the run
  • Chiyo
    • main character, orphaned girl taken in by Kouichirou
  • Hana
    • Chiyo`s friend
  • Azai & Araki
    • Hana`s little brothers and Kouichirou`s apprentices

The story itself is the story of Kouichirou after he runs away from the samurai group he was captain of. He finds Chiyo as a lone survivor and takes her in as his daughter. The rest of the story is them rebuilding their lives, and hoping the samurai don`t come back.

The art is nice. I like the avatars for the two main characters. That especially made me wish that the minor characters had them as well. The backgrounds are pretty enough, and make for a decent backdrop for the characters.

Downsides: First, not an actual game. Only a short story. Second, a lot of dialogue with no character avatars in view, only a screen with words on it.

Overall Score:


While the art is nice, and the story is decent, it`s very short. There`s also the issue of false advertising with it being called a game, when it is not. Had I realized that it wasn`t actually a game, I don`t think I would have paid the $2. As such, this rating is rating it as the game it`s advertised as. Really, why do I need 9 pages of save file slots when there are zero choices to make? That seems a bit silly. I can see how this can easily be turned into a game, and when that happens, I will re-evaluate. Until then, half points for effort.