Blossoms Bloom Brightest Review

Blossoms Bloom Brightest is a game made by Reine Works and can be found on

Price: Free; suggested donation $1.00

The first point is that it`s a short game made for a Jam. Bonus points for it being an entirely completed game with four separate endings, rather than just a demo. ^_^ Listed on their page, they say that they made a second version that`s longer and has more options; I have not had a chance to play that and am only reviewing this one in particular.

Second point is the genre. It`s a yuri game (girls love), which is increasingly becoming more common.

Point three are the characters. There are three main characters, and they are all partially voiced, which is cool.

The characters are:

  • Erica
    • Ship`s Captain. The playable main character who knows more than she lets on
  • Sara
    • The ship`s doctor, who left a fiance back on earth
  • Kotoha
    • The ship`s mechanic, who loves video games and anime

The story itself takes place aboard a spaceship. The three characters were taken from their homes and wake up on the ship. Erica is the one who tells them what their role on the ship is. After that, it`s the characters getting used to each other, and being on the ship.

The art is fine. The backgrounds repeat, but as they are living in a ship, that`s understandable. Only so many places to go! The avatar`s eyes and mouths occasionally move to show different expressions, which is nice.

Downsides: It`s a short game, and really easy to figure out how to get all four endings. I feel like there isn`t a ton of room for re-playability unless you give yourself enough time to forget the first round of play throughs.

Overall Score:


                      It`s not 100% perfect, and there are times playing where I wish there were more options, or better options, but overall, it`s well worth the playthrough. All four playthroughs. There didn`t seem to be any one ending that was better for all characters overall, (though there was one very bad end), but I liked it. Spelling and grammar were well checked, and I caught no mistakes, so that bumped it up from my original 8.7 score ^_~