Quick Shopping Trip

After Girl Scouts last week, Rhi and I made a stop by the supermarket, since that town has a bigger one than our town. ^_^


Rhi: Look! A doll! Only 100yen!

Me: Rhi, you don`t need another toy. Especially not one as big as you.


Rhi: 見て!Look! Look! Melon Bread! Please please please???

Me: Haha, well I can`t say no to melon bread…


Rhi: Stuff on sale!

Me: Just because it`s on sale doesn`t mean that we need it. Hmm…but some of the pens are marked down to ¥50 each…


Rhi: It`s Columbo! You like that show, right?

Me: Yup. But I wasn`t going to buy the next season today. I`m trying to save money.

Rhi: But you like it.

Me: I can always get it on Amazon later.

Rhi: But you like it. And it says `sp…er…special price`! And you like it!

Me: … Hahaha, you just want to watch it, don`t you? When did you start like Columbo? *grabs it and puts it in the basket*


Rhi: Oo Cheese Curry Ramen! Please???

Me: Well, it never hurts to have one around just in case…


Rhi: Orangina! And then can we be done shopping? I`m hungry.

Me: We haven`t had lunch yet, have we? All right, let`s be done shopping for today.