Not another Simulacrum!

Ilya: Tadaima! We`re home!

Connery: `We`? Who is…

Ilya: Hi Connery.

Connery: Welcome back, but Shan will na be happy.

Zane: Did I hear that something will make Shan unhappy? What is… hi.

Connery: *sigh* Ye may as well coome in…

Zane: I`m Zane.

Arete: Arete. You`re Ilya`s cousin.

Zane: Yea…

Shan: Stop. Right. There. I did not give permission for another simulacrum to be here, especially not after the other one is finally gone.

Ilya: Gone? What happened to Chiyo?

Connery: It happened tha Chiyoko did na have enough power o magic to keep living. Rosaire had been helpin, but he hit his limit an has been sleeping since Ciyoko disappeared.

Ilya: oh… I never realized he was trying to support a simulacrum…

Rhi: Simulacrum?! Wait, you`re not Chiyo.

Shan: I`m waiting…

Ilya: Sorry Shan, I know you don`t like simulacrum, but my dad suggested I make her so…

Zane: Why is it such a big deal? You hate me and you let me stay when I showed up.

Shan *ignores Zane and looks at Ilya*

Shan: …wait. You made it? Wizards can`t create simulacrum. It`s impossible.

Ilya: Most wizards, yeah. But my dad and I can make them. So on his suggestion, I made Arete.

Arete: I go where Ilya goes, whether you like it or not.

Shan: Why you cheeky little… do you know who you`re talking to? I am not some human running a hotel or charity!

Connery: *tap tap*

Shan: What.

Connery: Adem was na running a hotel either. An yet ye imposed on him. Tis karma.

Shan: No. Absolutely not. Karma cannot do this to me.

Connery: Shan…

Shan: I refuse! Get it out of my sight.


Arete: …He stormed off. So karma makes him angry, hmm?

Ilya: Good observation, Arete, but he is a god so don`t push him too much…

Ilya: …Although Connery can deal with him if you do.

Connery: Aye`m glad ye have confidence in me, but please dinna make him too angry…

Rhi: You`re staying, right Arete? Let`s be friends!

Zane: A girl after my own heart! I think we`ll get along…


And bonus picture of Zane and Arete talking. ^_^