Making Monkey Bread

Rhi: Look at all this stuff! What are we going to make?

Desa: It’s called Monkey Bread 

Desa: Put the sugar in this bag

Desa: And cinnamon too, then mix it well. 

Arete: I’ve heard of these! Crescent rolls?

Desa: Biscuits. We need to cut each one in quarters…

Desa: Then put them in the cinnamon sugar bags and mix.

Arete: Oh, I see.

Rhi: This part is my job!

Rhi: Now we put it in here, right?

Desa: After we melt the butter

Arete: This butter and sugar mix, should we put some on top now, or all at the end?

Desa: Hmmm…some now should be fine.

Rhi: All done! Looks yummy! 

Arete: We have to bake it first, Rhi.

~35 minutes later~

Desa: Here it is

Arete: We did it! My first time baking!

Rhi: Yummy!