How to Oil a Sewing Machine

Rhi: Tah-Dah! Here’s the sewing machine.
Teo: I have the oil here.
Rhi: First we climb up so we can reach it
Teo: Ok, now what?
Rhi: Give me a boost. I’m going to climb higher.
Teo: Like this?
Rhi: Yup, thanks!
Rhi: Ok, now we find all the holes for the oil. The first one is over there.
Teo: Here’s the oil, Rhi!
Rhi: Thanks Teo!
Rhi: First one is here, and the knobby thing too
Teo: I see the second one!
Rhi: Next is here, before the spike
Teo: I see two more here! Are these the last ones?
Rhi: Nope! One more, down here. You can do it!
Rhi: Phew, a job well done.
Teo: High-five!

And after: