Dear Mirai (First letter)

This is the first penpal letter to Xana7`s Mirai


Dear Mirai, 

I`m sorry this letter is so late. My six year old sorta sister you gave your address to is a nice kid, but she`s only 6. She forgot about meeting you till just now. There was so much to do in Tokyo that I can see why she got distracted, but still. Two months late?


I hadn`t known you were also in Tokyo last December…I`m so sad I couldn`t meet up with you myself! (I only ran into your cousin Mirai at her store…) At least you did meet Rhi and give her your address to give to me…I hadn`t known how to contact you. How are you? I`m happy here.


I`m not really sure what to write. Ilya (my creator) isn`t great at letter writing, and it appears I might be like that too. This first letter was mostly to confirm that Rhi gave me the right address anyway. So I guess I`ll just end with, I hope to hear back from you soon!




Arete: There! Now just to put it in the envelope and mail it…