Building a Simulacrum

Ilya: Ok! Time to make a simulacrum

Ilya: Make a simulacrum, dad said. It will help protect you, he said. He didn`t say that it formed in pieces, making it very DIY!

Ilya: Her hands are almost the same size as mine…

Ilya: Hup! Two arms, good to go

Ilya: This is only the bottom part of her legs? She`s going to be tall…

Ilya: Halfway done!

Ilya: ! I`ll have to make and put in the eyes too?!

Ilya: There you go.

Ilya: Now let`s get your head on…

Ilya: Just a little more…

Ilya: できた! You`re all done. But you need hair.

?: And clothes, please.

?: Thank you for the hair, but I still need clothes

Ilya: There should be some over there…

?: All dressed.

Ilya: Good. …I`ve never made a simulacrum before. Do you have a name, or do I give you one?

?: I`ll pick my own, based on the knowledge you gave me while creating me. I think I`ll be… Arete.

Ilya: Arete. Arete Monteford. Sounds good!