A Nice Day for a Walk

The doll in this photo story is Rhi. I am known as Koryuu-san in my doll world.


Me: Rhi, it`s such a nice day. Let`s go on a walk.

Rhi: Yay! Sounds fun!

Hmm…which way?
A big step!
Walking along…
Balancing Act!
Are there still flowers here?

Rhi: Koryuu-san, look at the pretty temple!

Found a playground!

Rhi: Let`s swing first!

Balancing practice
Climbing up the stairs to the slide…

Rhi: Tah-dah!

Rhi: This store has ice cream!!! May we get some? Please, Koryuu-san? Onegaishimasu???

Me: Hmmm…ok.

Me: How about one of these nice pre-packaged ones we can bring home easily?

Rhi: …no, these aren`t right.

Me: Well, we got the ice cream cone you wanted, Rhi. And in a to-go bag. But can you really eat all that?

Rhi:    😀

Rhi: Yum!


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