A Friendly Meeting

Shan, Rhi and Connery went to visit one of Shan`s very old friends today… (out of the dolls in this photostory, I only own these three).

Connery: …An` why are we here…? Shan, ye dinna explain…

Rhi: A person! Sorry for intruding…

Kisana: Hello! I`m Kisana. Come this way.


Kisana: Here`s everyone! Seiga, Suzuna and Sheryl Nome!

Seiga: Ah, Shanalihan. You finally came to visit. Let the kids go off and play so that we can talk.


Rhi: Hi! I`m Rhi. Let`s play!

Kisana: Ok!


Suzuna: And you get to hang out with me.

Connery: …


Seiga: It`s been a long time since we`ve met.

Shan: It has. But I`m not standing here looking up at you while we talk.

Seiga: Haha, still have that superiority complex going?


Shan: Don`t go there. Is that going to sit here the whole time we talk?

Seiga: I`d heard you had one of your own now, so I thought it wouldn`t matter. But you still carry a grudge against simulacrum, hmm…?

Shan: It`s not my

Sheryl: I`ll excuse myself, and check on the little ones.


Kisana: Hey, Sheryl came to play! That means… *pon!*


Rhi: We can play hairdresser!

Sheryl: Um…hairdresser?



Suzuna: Come, sit beside me, cutie.

Connery: …Ye arena human, are ye?


Shan: So why now? You didn`t say anything before I left Japan all those centuries ago.

Seiga: Would you have listened had I said anything?

Shan: No.

Seiga: Then there would have been no point.


Seiga: But so long as you are back, and nearby, you owed me a visit.

Shan: …I didn`t “owe” you anything. I just happened to have today free.

Seiga: Hahaha, is that all it was?


Kisana: Catch!


Rhi: Caught him! Now you catch!

Kisana:  What should we do when we`re done playing catch?


Kisana: Tag! You`re it! *giggles*

Rhi: I`m going to get you!


Seiga: Well, albeit short, I am glad you could come visit.

Shan: It wasn`t as horrible as I thought.

Seiga: Are you ever honest with anyone? In any case, allow me to escort you to the door.

Shan: No need.


Shan: Connery! Rhi! We`re leaving!

Connery: …finally…


Rhi: Bye-bye Kisana!

Kisana: Sayonara, Rhi! Come play again soon!