Zane Declan

Name: Zane K. Declan

Doll Model: Dikadoll Youth Leica

Age: 17 years old



Half demon and half elf, Zane was raised by his elven mother until she died when he was 10…he was under the impression that his father was dead as well. (Which he later found out to not be true) He floated through foster homes for several years before finding out that his dad had had another child, Zane`s older half brother Toya. Toya was in the middle of travelling and suggested that Zane go to Adem, their cousin. Zane went to live with Adem for a couple of years, despite the fact that he and Adem were usually at odds.

Fun fact: His demon blood can change his eye and hair color, even if he doesn`t want them to change.

Zane has his own instagram: @zaneswhatswhat