Ilya Monteford

Name: Ilya Monteford

Doll Model: Volks SDmidi Full Choice 30

Age: 14 years old



Ilya is half wizard and half elf. He was raised as a girl, because the Wizard Council banned his father from having a son; and only when his powers settled when he was 13 was he allowed to act more like a boy if he wanted. (Though the Wizard Council still can`t know that he`s a boy, or he and his father will both be killed). As a result of this, he has ended up rather gender fluid. Ilya shares a mother with Rhi. When he and his father came to Japan to perform (they are traveling magicians), he decided to stop by and see his half sister. And he ended up staying.

On his father`s advice, he created a simulacrum for protection–although most wizards are unable to do so, Ilya and his father both can. So Ilya created Arete, who surprised them all by having some of his wizard powers.